5 Easy Performance Upgrades You Can Do To Your Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger is one dream car every car owner wants that also comes with various features and tastes to suit individual tastes.  The first charger was a show car in 1964, and since then there have quite a few other releases, but the new Dodge charger was first unveiled in 1994. Since its inception, the Dodge charger has proved to be one of the most famous models in the Dodge array of autos. The front wheel drive, compact hatchback and sleek yet full sized design of a sedan are but some of the feature that makes the Dodge charge a unique roadster king. Owners of the Dodge charger original or later all enjoy the power and speed drive of this powerful car and the customizability of features including performance. Today we will discuss five easy Dodge charger performance upgrades tweaks for the Dodge charge that will you will love as a Dodge owner.

We understand why maintaining your vehicle in top shape and modifying it can be challenging especially when you don’t have the parts to tweak performance. You may have a few questions regarding the best upgrades for the Dodge charger you own. Perhaps you want a cat-back exhaust, cold air intake, spoilers, wider wheels, and tires, etc. you have come to the best hub for all your latest mods info and parts.

If you have the cash, you can also go for more top dollar mods like crate engines and turbo systems if it’s your thing. The following mods should give you the best bang for your buck


One big issue with the Dodge models is the heat soak phenomenon where heat is trapped under the hood causing operating temperatures to soar. Unfortunately, hotter engine temperature means less power, and thus a thermostat to control fans in conjunction with a handheld turner would do wonders for your mobile.

Brake pads

Another easy and cheap mod is to tweak the way your machine grinds to a halt. Ceramic brakes will produce less brake dust that ends you on your wheels. There are different grades of aftermarket brake pads depending on what you want them for. You may need a car lift to assist.

Your Dodge will benefit from cold air intake CAI

Stock intakes are excellent, but they are manufactured with several compromises for ease of fabrication. For your performance car, you may want to upgrade to an aftermarket cold air intake that will draw more air from under your car, so your engine is not choking at any level of performance.


We did mention that thermostats and other mods like body throttle do require a tune to function optimally. These manage resources so that you can achieve torque and horsepower.

A cat-back exhaust

One final addition to your Dodge Charger that will crown it as a muscle car is the cat-back exhaust. Get this right, the OEM unit that comes with the machine is just right, but it can use a few tweaks to improve on weight and sound. There is one that meets all your preferences

If you are looking to buy some dodge charger performance upgrades and Dodge upgrade parts that can transform your Dodge charger into the ultimate speed and road king, we have your back. These will make your driving experience smoother, more efficient and certainly much safer. The above mods also serve to make your car respond better and give you more delight. Alternatively, that you need exclusive mods from an extensive catalog with all compatible parts specifically manufactured for the best fit with the sedan. Buying directly from the manufacturer has its benefits in terms of price and genuine quality.